Masterclass Available until June 15th


What if you could... Add the one element of video into your business and shift from “doing” to “leading” and answer your highest calling, reach more people and work smarter instead of harder?

Do you ever feel like… Video is the missing element to your online wellness empire?  

How long have you been saying you need to teach less classes a week or raise your private client rates because let’s be honest…  

It’s taking quality time away from your family and that’s really ALL that you care about. Are you ready to be the next Gabby Bernstein, but with more spice?  

In this Masterclass you will learn how to: 

- Launch your video brand, reach more people and make meaningful money transforming lives (even if you've tried before & failed!)

- Make contact with your ideal viewer using a simple 3 step method (so your videos get seen, liked and shared!)  

- Free yourself from hours of editing using a video strategy that empowers you using a combination of video (& attracts REAL opportunities & inspires your ideal viewer to invest in you!) 

About the Conscious Course Creator

Jazmine is a conscious content creator, influencer and coach. Her 9 week online coaching program Launch Their Video Brand gives high vibe entreprenuers the tools and support to make videos that mean business and impact lives.  

Jazmine struggled for years to find the courage to share her life and build a brand online. Through creating videos through her Youtube channel Life By Jazz, she learned how to speak up with confidence in video with ease, book ideal clients and attract career defining opportunities all from making videos.

Ready to work with Jazz one-on-one? Learn more about applying for the Launch Your Video Brand Program.

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